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Mfg. Unknown
Circa: 1940
Card folds into fourths.  The front reads: "Here's hoping You're Happy ~ Inside reads: "about the whole thing!  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!".

Mfg. John Winsch
Circa: 1914
Marked: 450/23 No. 3947
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "Christmas Greetings ~ My Christmas wish to you dear friend is easily expressed, Good Health and Joy may heaven send our Friendship speaks the rest.".

Mfg. Unknown.
Circa:  Postmarked December 23, 1908
Embossed, Gold Foil Postcard reads: "The best of  Christmas Joys".
Mfg.  Unknown
Circa: Early 1900's
Poem by:  Frances Ridley Havergal
Embossed, Cut-Out, Paper Lace Card with Gold Leafing, reads: "A Merry Christmas".  A small purple ribbon holds the sheet inside that reads: "May all good gifts crown Christmas~tide for thee.  Let the sweet and joyful story of the Savior's wondrous love, wake on earth a song of glory, like the Angel's song above!
Frances Ridley Havergal

    Mfg. Unknown
Circa: Postmarked December 19, 1910
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "Christmas Greetings".

Mfg. Unknown.
Made in Germany
Circa: Postmarked 1910
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "A Merry Christmas".


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