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Christmas Card Hold To Light
Mfg. D. R. G. M.
Circa: Postmarked December 23, 1909
Highly collectible, Hold To Light Postcard has cutouts in the windows of the house, the moon and ground.  These cards seems to glow when held up to the light to view.  The card reads: "A Happy Christmas"
Christmas Card H.R.
Mfg. H.R.
Marked 183
Circa: Late 1800's 
This tiny little card reads: "God bless you this Christmastide."
Christmas Card Frances Brundage
Mfg. G
Artist: Frances Brundage
Circa: Postmarked December 23, 1913
Embossed Postcard reads: "A Merry Christmas"
Christmas Card
Mfg. Unknown
Circa: Dated 1882
This tiny Postcard  reads: "No profit grows where is no pleasure ta'en ~ I wish you A Merry Christmas!"
Christmas Card Musical Card D. R. G. M.
Mfg. D. R. G. M.
Marked 336952
Circa: Postmarked December 24, 1908

Postcard with a Squeaker inside was known as a Musical Post Card.  Squeeze the card and it squeaks.  Card reads: "A Peaceful Christmas" ~ Squeeze the Card.
Christmas Card Raphael Tuck
Mfg. Raphael Tuck & Sons
Art Publishers to their Majesties
The King and Queen
Printed in Germany
Christmas Series No. 8360
Circa: Postmarked December 22, 1906
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "Loving Christmas Greetings"

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