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Christmas Card   Christmas Card
Mfg. Unknown
Circa: 1912
Embossed, Celluloid Card has three pieces, the front piece is an Embossed Celluloid sheet attached to a two piece folded Embossed Card held together by a small Pink Satin Ribbon.  The front reads: "Greetings".  The inside is printed by the sender in Gold Leaf and reads: "Christmas, 1912 ~  Remembrance is a simple work, 'Tis often spoken, often hear, But you will know its meaning true, Because it brings this wish to you. ~ May all your Hopes and Aims be realised at Christmas, is the Hearty Wish of Ernest W. Taylor 47 Victoria Street, Dinnington, Nr. Rotherham
Christmas Card  
Mfg. Unknown
Circa: Late 1800's
This small Gold Leafed Card reads: "A Bright and Happy Christmas"
Christmas Card Ellen H. Clapsaddle
Mfg. International Art Publishing Co., New York
Copyright 1907
Marked 51342.
Art by:  Ellen H. Clapsaddle
Circa: Postmarked December 23, 1907
Embossed Postcard reads: "Christmas Greetings ~ Brave hope for days to be, The granting of one's best desires, I ask it all for thee."
Christmas Card Wirths Brothers   Christmas Card Wirths Brothers
Mfg. Wirths Brothers
Copyright 304
Poetry by:  H. S. B.
Circa:  Mid to Late 1800's
This small card reads:  "A  Happy Christmas" ~ The back reads: " Christmas Greeting ~ Christmas bells are pealing, And I think, I hear Their sweet echoes stealing, Through the closing year; Joyous thoughts of loved one's In their echoes ring, Heaven bless and keep thee, Thus the sweet bells sing.  H.S.B.
Christmas Card Louis Prang Christmas Card Louis Prang
Mfg. Louis Prang & Co., Boston, U.S.A.
Copyright: 1879
Poetry by: E. S. F.
A beautiful Louis Prang Christmas Card reads: "A Merry Christmas ~  And, alike through storm and sunshine, With joy and peace in her breast, The dear Mother - Stork sits tranquil, High upon her airy nest."  The back has a poem entitled: " The Song of the Stork, Summer" by: E. S. F.
Christmas Card Raphael Tuck & Sons
Mfg. Raphael Tuck & Sons
Art Publishers to their Majesties the 
King & Queen
Christmas Postcard Series No. 136
Printed in Saxony
Circa: Postmarked: December 21, 1908
Embossed, Silver Leafed Postcard reads: "Wishing you a happy Christmas"

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