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Christmas Card Prang  Christmas Card Prang
Mfg. Louis Prang & Co., Boston
Circa: 1888
This tiny Postcard reads:
"I joy and rejoice with you all."
SP Christmas Card
Mfg. S.P.
Imprime' en France
Circa: Early 1900's
Postcard with Raised Letters reads: "Joyeux Noel"
Sachet Christmas Card T.P. & Co.
Mfg. T. P. & Co., N.Y.
Plush - Sachet Series
Circa: Early 1900's
Embossed Gold Leafed Postcard with a Velvet Sachet reads: "Christmas Greetings"
Christmas Card Honeycomb and Celluloid   Christmas Card Honeycomb and Celluloid
Mfg. Unknown
British Manufacture
Circa:  Late 1800's - Early 1900's
Our most unusual "feeling" card, this Embossed, Golden Colored Honeycomb, Celluloid Card is held together by a Pink Ribbon.  The Embossed Cut Out Celluloid Cover Piece of Two Bells is Gold Leafed and Painted reading: "Best Wishes".  It is attached with a small metal grommet. The top right corner is an attached Embossed Gold Leafed Seal that reads: "To Greet You".  The inside sheet is pink and reads: "I'm sending a card to you dear, And it's bearing my wish sincere, Only a messenger simple, But the words that it holds are dear, For it means that I love you always, That my thoughts are for ever true, And no one in all the world dear, Will be ever the same as you. Copyright (but no name given!) ~ There's Gladness in Remembrance ~ Christmas Greeting ~ With all kind Thoughts and Good Wishes ~ From"
Silk Fringed Christmas Card  Silk Fringed Christmas Card
Mfg. Unknown
Although card is marked Copyright
Circa: Late 1800's
Most popular in the late 1800's this Silk Fringed Card has two sides and was meant to be hand delivered or sent in a gift box that came with many of the fringed cards of  those days.  Most unusual with this card is that the flowers are different on each side but each side of the card has the same greeting (usually both sides have a different greeting) The card reads: "A Christmas Greeting!"
Christmas Card
Mfg. Unknown 
Circa: Late 1800's
This tiny card reads: "Wishing You The Compliments Of  The Season"

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