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Mfg. Unknown
Circa: 1911
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas".

Mfg. Unknown
Circa: Late 1800's
This tiny Christmas Card has clear glitter over the snow and water in the inset picture.   The card reads: "A Merry Christmas". 

Mfg. Unknown.
Circa:  Postmarked December 22, 1909
Embossed, Silver Foil Postcard reads: "A Merry Christmas".

Mfg.  Hall Brothers Inc.
Circa: 1945
Card folds into fourths and the snowflakes are covered with white glitter.  Inside reads: "Just snowing you under with wishes for a Merry Christmas".

    Mfg. Unknown
Circa: Late 1800's
Part of an old Christmas Card, the dove is holding a ribbon that reads: "Merwy Kissmas".


Mfg. J.B. & Co.
Made in Germany
Circa: Early 1900's
Embossed Double Postcard, the front is embossed while the back is flat.  The text is in Gold Leaf.  Card reads: "Xmas Greetings".

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