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E. Nash
Mfg. E. Nash
Gem Birthday Series No. 1
Copyright 1908
Embossed, Gold Leafed, Glittered Postcard reads: "Birthday Greeting ~ The Topaz rays display, That you'll be true and gay. Chrysanthemum thy flower, Will give many a happy hour.  Thy Star with ray of gold, A bright future doth unfold."
A Barker Card  Birthday Card  A Barker Card  Birthday Card
Mfg. A Barker Card
Barker, Cincinnati, U. S. A.
Circa:  Copyright MCMXLVII
Marked 35-811
Folding Mechanical Card that looks like a Purse.  When opened a Butterfly (moth) pops out and flies across the room!  The butterfly (moth) is wound up by a rubber band attached on the back prior to being put in the card.  Great effect!  Card reads: "Happy Birthday ~ I'd never open up my purse for anyone but you!  But you can have the Whole Darn Bag - ",  then the inside reads: "And the moth that's in it, too!  Happy Birthday".

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