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Mfg. A Barker Card, Barker
Cincinnati, USA
Circa: 1958
This gals bathing suit top is made from molded plastic that is attached through the inside of the card that is folded into fourths.  Card reads:  "Is it really yours?" Inside reads: "I mean your birthday...Well, Let Me Wish You A Swell One!".

Mfg. SB
Circa: Postmarked March 7th, 1914
Embossed Post Card with Gold Leafing reads: "Birthday Greetings".
Mfg. Norcross
Circa: 1938
Cut-out Card opens and stands on its own showing the front and back of Mama Bear. The little Baby Bear sitting in the laundry basket comes out and is also a card that stands on its own and shows the front and back of the Bear.  The inside of the large card reads: "A Happy Birthday To You.  I wrote this wish so very BIG You'd see it right away And know that I am wishing you a very HAPPY Day".  The inside of the little card reads: "Here's an EXTRA birthday card as little as can be but it's bringing my own MOMMY just heaps of love from me".
Mfg. Unknown
Circa: 1905
Double layer Post Card.  The front is Embossed with Velveteen pansies while the back has a flat surface.  The bow is pink and white satin and the leaves are trimmed in gold leaf.  The card reads: "A Happy Birthday".   The text is Gold Leafed. 

Mfg. Unknown
Circa: 1930's
The two little girls are sharing a blue satin bow that is attached through the inside of this card that folds into fourths.  The card reads: "A birthday wish...I've been just beside myself worrying about the date...Thinkin', Stewin', Cussin', Wonderin' if I'm late!  'Cause I know you've got a birthday Comin' round about this time, And should I let it go unnoticed 'Twould really be a crime!  So - Happy Birthday".


Mfg. Unknown
Circa: 1896
Most popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's this Silk Fringed Card has two sides and was meant to be hand delivered or sent in an envelope unlike other mailed "postcards" of those days.  Many of these Silk Fringed Cards came with beautifully decorated mailing boxes.  One side reads: "A Birthday Greeting".  The other side reads: "With Best Wishes". 

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