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Mfg. J.P., N.Y., USA
Circa: 1918
Post Card with a jagged edge reads: "Best Birthday Wishes".

Mfg. Moveez - The Ensemble Company
Circa: Unknown
Folding Card with Cut-out window. When you move the card back and forth it looks like the man with an Elephant head is rocking back and forth.  The ears get larger and smaller.  The card reads: "This year for your birthday, I've got that special thing you've wanted all this time" ....inside says: "I'm all ears.".
Mfg. Norcross
Circa: 1940's
Cut-out Card has a real yellow yarn ribbon on the little girls basket that ties through the inside of the card. The card reads: "Happy Birthday Niece". Inside reads: " In this little Birthday Basket There's a lot of love for you and many, many wishes for a happy birthday, too".
Mfg. Unknown
Circa: Postmarked March 11, 1908
Embossed Post Card with Gold Leafing reads: "With Birth-Day Greetings".
Silk Fringed Birthday Card Prang Silk Fringed Birthday Card
Mfg. L. Prang & Co. Boston
Circa: Copyright 1883
Most popular in the late 1800's this Silk Fringed Card has two sides and was meant to be hand delivered or sent in an envelope unlike other mailed "postcards" of those days.  Many of these Silk Fringed Cards came with fancy mailing boxes. One side of the card reads: "My Birthday Wish. ~ Much happiness and many friends".  The other side reads: "My Best Wishes"


Mfg. Volland
Circa: 1949
Pop Up card folded into fourths reads: "Just puttin' in my little plug, For a Birthday that's a Dilly -" Inside reads: "An' I ain't "Horsin'" when I say Ya still look like a "FILLY".  When the card opens there is the horse's head in the center and his eye winks as the card is opened and closed.

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