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Mfg. A. G. C. C
Circa: 1950
3-D fold out card, looks like a regular card from the front and when opened is squared to reveal three layers to show a 3-D image of a wooden bridge and tree, with a quaint house in the background.  Front of the card reads: "Happy Birthday to You".   The inside reads: "May your Birthday like the flowers unfold and bloom with passing hours And may the joy this birthday brings Begin a year full of all good things.".

Mfg. Unknown
Circa: Postmarked November 22, 1911
Embossed Post Card with Gold Leaf reads: "Birthday Greeting".
Mfg. A Gibson Card
Circa:  1945
Mechanical Cut-out card folds into fourths and reveals a birthday clock inside that you can turn the silver foil hand to the child's age.  The card reads: "Hickory Dickory-Dock!  It's time for Best Wishes by your Birthday Clock!"   The inside reads: "The clock has stopped at your birthday year, and I am stopping to wish you cheer, for nothing could be nicer to do than to wish you much happiness for You-on your birthday".
Mfg. I. G. & Co. NY - Quality Proof
Made in Austria
Circa: 1908
Double layer Post Card.  The front is embossed with velveteen roses while the back has a flat surface.  The card reads: "May happiness your birthday bless".   The text is gold leafed.  You can see how the card has been sealed together by the crimped edges.
Mfg. Unknown
Circa: 1920's
This Cut-out card Mechanical Card reads: "Turn The Dials" - "And Tune In On My Birthday Wishes".  When turned the two dials reveal: "May you receive all cheer today" and " And smiles be Broadcast on your way".
Mfg. A Gibson Card
Circa: 1949
Cut-out Mechanical Card, the duck's bill opens and closes when you move the green bow on his cap.  Card reads: "Hi, there!  Happy Birthday!  Inside reads: "This little duck on a scooter bike says, "You are NICE and somebody I LIKE, so just move my bill up and down and I'll say, Have a Happy Time on your Birthday!".

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