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Mfg. Unknown
No. 689 War Mottoes with 
U.S. Flags - 12 designs
Circa: Early 1900's
Flat Coated  Postcard reads:  I Miss You
I never supposed I could miss you so
Till you went so far away
But I'll bet I will waken
the echoes though
When You come
Back to stay."
Mfg. Buzza-Cardoza Hollywood, U.S.A.
Copyright 1941
Circa: Inscribed January 1944
French Folded Card, when opened and closed reveals the plastic image inside moving like a movie.  Card reads:  "Halt There, Soldier, For the Love O' Pete!  (It's A Movie).  Inside reads:  Why not use your Arms and rest your Feet?"

Mfg. Curt Teich & Co., Inc.
Chicago  USA 11
C. T. Army Comics
Series OB-H2686
Circa: Unknown
Flat Postcard reads:
"We always try to satisfy th' customer
Wot's th' idea givin' me a uniform like this ??
You should give it to some elephant - An this shirt is fit  fer a mosquito - D ! H !"

Mfg. Unknown
Printed in Germany
Artist: Messmer
Circa: Postmarked May 5, 1948
Army Postcard sent from US Soldier stationed in Germany

Mfg. A Hallmark Card
Copyright 1943 Hall Brothers Inc.
Circa: Inscribed August 1943
Folded Card folded into fourths has a cut out window in which an actual Four Leaf Clover is enclosed in plastic. The card reads:  To Son In The Service On His Birthday.  Inside reads:  To hope this day that's all your own, Will be a specially happy one That's brightened by glad memories Of home, and those who love you, Son, For you'll be thought of specially, And even though you're far away You know that loving wishes, too, Will be there with you on Your Day.

Mfg. Unknown
Printed in Germany
Circa: Postmarked February 20, 1909
From the Collection of P. Noble
Lightly Embossed and Gold Leafed this Postcard reads: "Washington  First in Peace,  First in War and First in the Hearts of his Countrymen."

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