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Mfg. Created by Paramount
Circa: Inscribed March 1944
Unusual French Folded Card measures 6 x 8 inches. It has a window shaped as a shield which reveals a Satin Pillow inside.  The pillow with a beautiful Eagle is filled with a cotton fiber and is about 1/4 of an inch thick.  The card reads: Anniversary Greetings for my Husband in the Service.  Inside reads:  A message to remind you That Good Wishes go your way.  With all the love that's in my heart A Hundred Time A day.  And all my thoughts are with you As our special day appears, For I know Life Holds A Promise Of still better, brighter years!
Mfg. Christy Col. Print. Eng. Inc.
Rochester, N.Y.
Series No. 2
Circa: Unknown
Two interesting Coated Postcards of a Set read:
Postcard One.  I'm off to the war And I'm "running on high," For I'd prove to the public No "Slacker" am I!

Postcard Two.  Oh, we live the life of jolly Tars, Whether at peace or embroiled in wars; We'll fling Old Glory to the breeze, And Liberty shall ride the seas.

Mfg. Samuel Levinson, Publisher
San Francisco, Cal.
Circa: Postmarked July 26, 1917
From the Collection of P. Noble
Flat Postcard reads: There are many flags in many lands, There are flags of every hue, But there's no flag, however grand, Like our own "Red, White and Blue."

Mfg. Quality Cards
Made in U.S.A.
Circa: Inscribed January 1944
Folded Glittered French Fold Card has a V shaped window revealing a Red, White and Blue Ribbon folded into a V attached to a Silver Foil Sheet.  The Card reads: Greetings to my Husband in the V-Service.  Inside reads: A greeting of love, dear Husband, Good wishes to convey, And tell you my thoughts are with you Today and every day.  I'm keeping the home fires burning With pride in my humble part, But, always, I'm lonesome for you And caring with all my heart!

Mfg.  Unknown.
Series 605  Service Flags 12 des.
Flag design patented 
Circa: Postmarked Nov., 6, 1917
Flat Postcard reads:  "Faithful to our Country's call, The home where the Service Flag waves. Let's honor it!"

Mfg. E. Nash Copyright 1909
Washington Birthday Series No. 2
Circa: Postmarked February 18, 1911
From the Collection of P. Noble
Heavy Embossed and Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "Washington his truthfulness"

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