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Mfg. F. A. Owen, Co., Dansville, N.Y.
Artist Initials AMC
No. 860
Circa: Early 1900's
Postcard reads: "A Hallowe'en "astrophe"

Mfg. Stecher Litho Co.
Circa: Early 1900's
Series 216 F
Embossed, Gold Leafed, Glittered Postcard reads: "I'm brewing now for you a charm, 'Twill bring good luck and save from harm."
    Mfg. International Art Publishing Co.
New York Berlin
Painting Only Copyrighted 1908
Circa: Postmarked October 28, 1910
Embossed Postcard reads: "Happy Hallowe'en"

Mfg. Fred C. Lounsbury
Marked 2052-3
Copyright 1907
Circa: Postmarked October 31, 1908
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "A Jolly Hallowe'en"

Mfg. B. Hoffman
Printed in Germany
Trademark 2097
Copyright 1909
Circa: Postmarked September 24, 1909
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "Oct 31st ~ This is the nicht o' Hallowe'en, When a' the witchie may be seen"

Mfg. The Gibson Art Co., Cin. O.
Artist:  Kathryn Elliot
Circa: Postmarked October 30, 1912
Postcard reads: "Best Wishes for Halloween"

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