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Mfg. Whitney Made, Worcester, Mass.
Circa: Postmarked October 28, 1923
Embossed Postcard reads: "I send my Hallowe'en greeting this year by seven old witches from far and from near, weaving spells of good weather and spells of good cheer".

Mfg. B. Hoffman
Series No. 2097
Circa: Postmarked, October 1909
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard, with the woman holding a snake, reads: "October 31st. With All Hallowe'en Greetings"

Mfg. S.B., United States
Circa: Postmarked October 18, 1921
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "A Merry Hallowe'en".

Mfg. / Artist  E.C. Banks
Made in Saxony
Circa: Postmarked, October 28, 1910
Embossed Postcard reads: "Beware of ye wiles of Satan. ~ Halloween Greetings"

Mfg. Unknown
Printed in Saxony
Series No. 1028
Circa: Postmarked October 30, 1916
Embossed Postcard reads: "For Auld Lang Syne this Hallowe'en!".

Mfg. / Artist Unknown
Circa: Postmarked, October 30, 1911
The front of this postcard looks hand painted and written although the back is a pre-printed postal card along with a pre-printed 1cent postage stamp.  This unique one of a kind card reads: "On a broomstick the old witch goes riding, and a pumpkin lights her way; So you better watch your Pumpkins, Lest they all might go astray".

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