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Mechanical Valentine
Mfg. Unknown
Circa: Early 1900's
Mechanical Cut-Out Card reveals a gray kitten in the sugar barrel when the lid is lifted. The lid is attached by a small metal grommet.  The card reads: "Pure Refined Sugar"
3D Cut Out Fold Out Valentine
Mfg. Unknown
Made in Germany
Circa: Late 1800's - Early 1900's
3-D Pop-Up, Fold-Out, Cut-Out Card,  Embossed and Paper Lace. Front piece says "Sincere Regards" and folds forward to stand on its own and reveal the layers.
Gibson Valentine  Gibson Valentine
Mfg. A Gibson Card
Made in Cincinnati, USA
Circa: Late 1940's
3-D Pop-Up, Folded Card. Card folded into fourths, Front says "Valentine Greetings to a Heartbreaker" - "You won't even find me home One day out of seven, Cuz since I met you, Valentine..." and opens to pop-up and says, "I've been UP in SEVENTH HEAVEN!"
Valentine Postcard
Mfg. Unknown
Made in the USA
Series 1403
Circa: 1908
Postcard reads: "A Valentine Message - If you love me, it's time you said so!"
 Cut Out Valentine
    Mfg. Unknown
Made in the USA
Circa: 1940's
Cut-Out Card reads; "It's "Croquet" by me - if you will be my Valentine".  Small cut out left of the little boys feet allow this card to stand up on its own.
Cut Out Valentine
Mfg. Unknown
Made in Germany
Circa: early 1900's
Small Embossed Cut-Out Card, reads: "Sweet Thoughts".  The back of the card has a paper "A" frame to allow it to stand on its own.

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