Frances Brundage 1854 - 1937

Frances Brundage    Frances Brundage

Frances BrundageFrances Isabelle Lockwood (Frances Brundage) was born on June 28, 1854 to Rembrandt Lockwood and Sarah Ursula Despeaux in Newark, New Jersey.

Her father a painter and artist, painted portraits, church murals and did wood engravings.  She learned from him which was a blessing as he abandoned the family when she was just 17 years old wherein she provided support.

Frances was a prolific artist and illustrated books, prints, trade cards, greeting cards, calendars and more.  It is said that her first sale as a professional artist was to Louisa May Alcott for illustrating one of her poems.

At the late age of 32,  Frances married an artist by the name of William Tyson Brundage.  They gave birth to a child two years later, Mary Frances, who died a short 17 months later.  Frances did not have any other children.  Perhaps due to her grief and loss of her only child, she became what was one of the most prolific artists of children in her time.

Frances worked for many publishers including: Stecher Lithographic, De Wolfe, Fiske & Company, Fred A Stokes, Charles E. Graham &Company, E. P. Dutton, Hayes Samuel Gabriel, Saalfied and most notably,  Raphael Tuck & Sons.

As with many artists of this time, much of her work on postcards and greeting cards are unsigned, but she was most identified with her paintings of children and her style can be easily identified by the large eyes of the children.

France's husband William died in 1923.  Frances died  three months before her 83rd birthday on March 28, 1937.


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