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Mfg. Whitney Made
Worcester, Mass.
Circa: Postmarked March 25, 1921
Lightly Embossed edge Postcard reads: "The Easter bunnies granted us a friendly interview Then hopped right past the mail man and landed here for you with Easter Greetings" 

Mfg. Norcross Inc.
New York
Marked 25E473
Circa 1930's
Cut Out Mechanical Folded Card has a small wheel attached by a grommet on the Easter Egg that turns and makes the Egg a "virtual" scenic view egg.  When the wheel is turned it displays eight different bunnies.  The card reads: "It's Easter ~ Happy Easter To You".
The inside reads: 
And her two little friends, the chicks
Were walking down a country land
And playing Pick-up-Sticks
When all at once MISS BUNNY
Spied an egg upon the ground
And shouted to her little friends
"Oh, look what I have found" 
And so they looked and can you guess
What made them laugh with glee?
- Seven little bunnies
That are tiny as can be -
And then MISS BETTY BUNNY said
"I have a special friend
And not that Easter time is here
This is what I'll send" 
So here's the MAGIC EASTER EGG
And if you turn the dial
Then you can stay and you can play
In BUNNYLAND a while

Mfg. Unknown
Cincinnati, U.S.A.
Serie 51.
Circa: Postmarked March 16, 1907
Double Side Embossed Cut Out Postcard has an inset of real rabbit fir making the black bunny and a black bead for the eye.  The Postcard reads: "Easter Greeting"

Mfg. Raphael Tuck & Sons
Art Publishers to their Majesties the King and Queen
Printed in Saxony by Appointment
"Chicks and Rabbits" Easter Postcard
Series No. 757
Circa: Postmarked April 11, 1914
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "A Happy Easter"

Mfg. Gibson Cint, U.S.A.
Labeled 5 E 9562
Circa: 1930's
Cut Out Mechanical Card has a metal grommet at the ducks beak which allows the ducks arm to be moved back and forth revealing the words " Easter Joys" when opened.

Mfg. Louis Prang & Co. Boston
Circa: 1883
This tiny Card reads: "God loveth a cheerfulgiver"

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